Homebrew Kits Video

June 28, 2009

Homebrew Kits – the ingredients

June 21, 2009

Many homebrew kits also come with ingredients and detailed instructions for creating your brew. This is useful for the beginner, who otherwise has to scramble around trying to find the exact grain or yeast. Having everything packaged for you in a beer kit, you’re far more likely to create a batch of delicious beer — leaving you time to plan your party.

To add even more flavor, taste, and variety to your beer batches, fruit flavors, honey, and several varieties of hops and yeast are available from your beer brewing supplies retailer. The instructions will show you regarding how much of each flavoring to use to enhance, not overpower, your beer.

Homebrew Kits–Intro

June 20, 2009

Anyone interested in the subject of home beer brewing should realize that it’s a fun hobby that takes patience and a tiny bit of skill, but very little actual effort. If you’re thinking of beginning this excellent hobby, you might wonder why you should bother with the expense of homebrew kits or just use household elements.

Although experienced home beer makers can produce some pretty decent brew using household ingredients, for those just beginning it’s definitely suggested that you grab a beer kit. It comes down to this: would you rather begin with a significant amount of work to create a tepid result, or even total failure; or would you prefer to be guaranteed a great result with almost no effort? It’s up to you.

The excellence of your homebrewing equipment and the ingredients you choose will have a direct effect on the excellence of your beer. For example, the containers to ferment your beer that are part of home beer kits are food-grade, which means that the plastic and the coating used to make the container will not impede the fermenting activity or affect the taste of your completed product. The equipment that comes in beer making kits is designed to create the best beer.

Most people are startled at how affordable even the best home brewing kits are.  Typically they’re less than $100 and they’re meant to last a lifetime, so consider them an investment in adventure.